ITA Thjofadalir hut, Kjolur

Region: Highland
Coordinates: 64.8150000° N 19.7085000° W

About Thjofadalir hut, Kjolur

The small hut in valleys Thjofadalir was built in 1939 to accommodate 12 people. It is located at the foot of Mt Raudkollur and the hillock Throskuldur is nearby. It is on the ancient trail across the Kjolur highlands between the northern and southern parts of the country. It has a tiny entrance, a ground floor and an attic above half of the ground floor. There are no utensils in the house. The latrine is a short distance away from the house. Visitors have to take all garbage with them. The environment offers short and pleasant hikes, i.e. Mt Hrutfell, Fagrahlid and jokulkrokur at the edge of glacier Langjokull. Mt Raudkollur and Oddnyjarhnjukur are also worthy goals.

GPS co-ordinates: 64°48.900 19°42.510.
Source: The Iceland Touring Association’s website. Tel.: 568 2533

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Mountain Hut Thjofadalir

25. June – 1. September.

Adult / Sleepinbag : Ikr. 5500.00
Children 7-15 years : Ikr. 2750.00 (50.0%)

Camping Thofadalir
Price Per person.
Ikr. 1800.-


Around ITA Thjofadalir hut, Kjolur

Around ITA Thjofadalir hut, Kjolur

Around ITA Thjofadalir hut, Kjolur

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