Utivist Mountain hut Strutur

Region: Highland
Coordinates: 63.8380196° N 18.9766913° W

About Strutur hut

Mountain hut Strutur was built to accommodate 26 people in 2002. Its access track lies just west of Mt Maelifell from the Middle Route. Interesting one day hikes take you to Raudubotnar, River Holmsa Lagoon, Strutslaug and glacier Torfajokull. The hut is an ideal resting place for those who are hiking from Alftavotn to Hvanngil or Emstrur or visa versa.

GPS co-ordinates: 63°50.330´N 18°58.477´W.
Source: The Utivist website.

Tel.: 562 1000
641 9201

Book Online

Mountain Hut Strutur
15. júní 2017 – 5. september 2017
Svefnpokagisting/Sleepingbag : 5500.00
Börn/Children 7-15 years : 2750.00 (50.0%)


Camping Strutur
15. júní – 10. september
Camping per persons : 1500.00

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