Region: West Iceland
Coordinates: 64.8167° N 23.3833° W

About Oxl

Farm Oxl is located in County Breiduvikurhreppur, near Hotel Budir. The view from Oxl is excellent on a fine day.
One of the very few serial killers of Iceland, Axlar-Bjorn, lived at Oxl. He probably killed 18 people for their belongings and threw their bodies into a small lake close to the farm. Eventually he was seized and sentenced to dismemberment and death in 1596.

According to the Book of Settlements, Asmundur Atlason spent his senior years at Oxl after having lived at farm Langaholt. His wife, Thora, had a public house constructed across the main route and offered everybody refreshments. The farmer was buried with his slave and soon started complaining about the company, which lead to the removal of the slave from the burial mound.

Around Oxl

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