Mt. Laugarfell

Region: Highland
Coordinates: 64.9938559° N 18.3589878° W

About Laugarfell

The mountains Laugafell and Laugafellshnjukur (892 and 987 m) are situated northeast of the third larges glacier of the country, Hofsjokull. River Hnjukskvisl runs between them and River Laugakvisl north of Laugafell. There a geothermal area with three main hot springs (40-50°C) is situated. It creates a warm brook along which amazingly many species of plants grow in spite of the elevation (>700 m). A small area, called Fellshalafla, is the southernmost grazings for horses before the long ride across the Sprengisandur route is attempted, is situated southeast of Mt. Laugafell. According to the legend, a lady from the farm Grund in The Eyjafiord District spent time there along with her domestics during the period of the bubonic plague and is said to have had a bath chiseled into the hyaloclastite near the present hut (1948 and renovated since).

This pool has been maintained and improved during the centuries since then. It is easy to get to this area from the so-called Sprengisandur Route, from The Eyjafiord Valley and The Vesturdalur Valley in Skagafiord, but more of a challenge from the Kjalvegur Route along the northern edge of The Hofsjokull Glacier.

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Around Mt. Laugarfell

Around Mt. Laugarfell

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Around Mt. Laugarfell

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