ITA Mountain Huts at Lake Alftavatn

Region: Highland
Coordinates: 63.8576346° N 19.2294162° W

About Alftavatn Mountain Huts

The mountain huts of the Iceland Touring Association on lake Alftavatn on the Middle Route were built in 1979 and can accommodate 58 people in sleeping bags. They are equipped with gas stoves, utensils and running cold water. One of the huts is reserved for hikers on the trail between Thorsmork and Landmannalaugar.

During summer, the warden of the huts lives in a separate house. Showers and WCs are in the fourth house and fee is charged for the use of the showers. The huts are about half-way on the trail and the Middle Route for vehicles is only a stone’s throw away. The beautiful landscapes of the area offer varied hikes, i.e. to the gorge Alftaskard, Bratthals and Torfahlaup.

Lake Alftavatn is deep and decorative. In the past, whooper swans were hunted there, but after the drowning of the farmer of Fljotsdalur in 1838, witnessed by his teenage daughter, the hunt was abandoned. It is possible to drive (4×4) along Mt. Torfatindur to the narrow gorge Torfahlaup.

GPS coordinates: 63°51.470 19°13.640
Source: The ITA website. Tel.: 568 2533


Price Per person.
Ikr. 8000.-

Camping Alftavatn
Price Per person.
Ikr. 1800.-

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