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Reykjavik Excursions – Highland Circle Buss Passport

Connect The North and South of Iceland The Highland Circle Pa port i a... more

Almenningar – Laugavegur Hiking Trail

About Almenningar Almenningar (plural) are an almo t barren and eroded ummer... more

Reykjavik Excursion Highland Bus Passports

Iceland´ Mo t Popular Hiking Route The Hiking On Your Own Pa port i the... more

Askja – Herdubreid – Herdubreidalindir Highland Route

About A kja - Herdubreid - Herdubreidalindir Highland Route PLEASE NOTE: 4X4... more

Videy Island

About Videy Videy i the large t i land of the Kollafjord Bay (1,7 km²) with... more

Lundey (Puffin Island)

About Puffin I land I land Lundey, The Puffin I land , i a mall i land a few... more

Kollafjordur Bay

About Kollafjordur Bay Thi bay i a branch of the large t bay of the country,... more

Grotta Island

About Grotta I land I land Grotta i the the point of the Seltjorn Penin ula... more

Geldinganes Headland

About Geldingane Geldingane i a loo ely connected headland to the north and... more

Engey Island

About Engey I land Engey i the econd large t i land on the Kolla Bay It... more

Akurey Island

About Akurey I land Akurey i the large t puffin colony in Kollafjordur... more

The Islands of Reykjavik

About the I land of Reykjavik Le than 1 km di tance from the hore of... more

Eldey Island

About Eldey I land Eldey (The Fire I land) i a 77 m high, heer rock, with an... more

Ellidaey Island

About Ellidaey I land Thi i the third large t of the We tman I land It i... more

Bjarnarey Island

About Bjarnarey I land Thi i the fourth large t of the We tman I land It i... more

Bjarnarey Island

About Bjarnarey Bjarnarey (Bear I land) i ituated off the headland Kollumuli... more

Drangey Island

About Drangey I land The i land Drangey i a cliff, approximately 7 hundred... more

Aedey Island

About Aedey I land Thi i the large t of four i land on the bigge t bay of... more

Breidafjordur Islands

About The Breidafjordur I land Thi bay i the econd large t one of the... more

Vadstakksey Island

About Vad takk ey I land I land Vad takk ey i rather large and high (27m) and... more

Oddbjarnarsker Island

About I land Oddbjarnar ker Thi we ternmo t i let of the Breidafiord Bay i... more

Melrakkaey Island

About Melrakkaey I land hi mall i land i ituated at the mouth of the... more

Tourist Information Center – Hvolsvollur

Touri t Information Hvol vollur The Saga Centre Hlidarvegur 4 860... more

Laugafell Highland Route

4X4 car only Road connection Varmahlid (F-752) and via Ve turardalur... more

Bus Schedule – Reykjavik – Sprengisandur – Myvatn

Tour De cription From Reykjavik, via Hveragerdi, Selfo and Hella we drive... more

Kjolur Bus Schedules

About Kjolur Bu Schedule Operator: SBA-Nordurleid Tour De cription The... more

Holar Church

About Holar Church Thi church belong to the Laugaland benefice of the... more

Urdarhals Hill.

About Urdarhal Thi hill i the remainder of a glacier craped dolomite... more

Hofsos Pakkhus (Old Warehouse)

About The Hof o Pakkhu The Warehou e (Pakkhu id) at Hof o i one of the... more

Map of Kjolur Route

About The Kjolur Highland Route (Road F-35) Remember! Off road driving i... more

Hofsjokull East Glacier

About Hof jokull Ea t Glacier Hof jokull Ea t (1069m) i located ea t of... more

Eruption in Eyjafjallajokull 2010

About the Famou Eruption in 2010 On March 20th 2010 ( pring equinox),... more

Lonsa Camping

The Lón á camp ite wa opened in Augu t 2015, and i located north of... more

Husabakki Camping

Hu abakki i located in Svarfaðardalur 5 km from the town of Dalvík and... more

Heidarbaer Camping

The camp ite at Heiðarbær i located between the town of Hú avik and Lake... more

Fjalladyrd Camping

The Fjalladýrð touri t ervice in Möðrudalur valley i located mid-way... more

Camping in Thingeyri

Þingeyri i a mall town with a great hi tory The inhabitant of Þingeyri... more

Varmaland Camping

The Varmaland camping ite i ituated at the out kirt of the municipality of... more

Hafragilsfoss Waterfall

About Hafragil fo Hafragil fo (27m) i one of the three waterfall of... more

Highland Information Centers

Travel information center - Entering the Highland Interior from... more

Hotel Selfoss

About Hotel Selfo Hótel Selfo A tone´ throw from Reykjavik and a... more

Highland Routes

About Icelandic Highland Route During ummer you can drive acro the... more

Vatnajokull National Park

About Vatnajokull National Park Vatnajokull National Park i Europe' large... more

Reykjavik Whale Watching Tour

Up clo e and per onal with the whale Whale watching tour are operated from... more

Hop On – Hop Off City Sightseeing

Explore Reykjavík Take a bu tour with City Sight eeing and explore... more

The Golden Circle & Fontana Wellness

Experience the beauty and wellne of Iceland Thi amazing day tour take you... more

Gullfoss, Geysir & Langjökull Snowmobiling

Feel the freedom on top of a glacier Thi tour combine the widely popular... more

Reykjavík – Blue Lagoon including admission

One of the wonder of the world Spoil your elf by bathing in the famou Blue... more

The Golden Circle Tour

Iceland' mo t tunning ight The Golden Circle tour allow you to vi it ome... more


About Laugarbakki Laugarbakki i a hamlet ituated in a geothermal area on the... more


About Breiddal vik Valley Breiddalur i the large t lowland area of the... more

Gullfoss Waterfalls

About Gullfo The Golden Waterfall (Gullfo ) are ituated in the upper part... more

Ingjaldsholl Church

About Ingjald holl Thi former par onage and e tate, out ide the boundarie of... more

Londrangar Cliffs

About Londrangar and Thufubjarg Londrangar are two prominent rock , protruding... more

Mt. Brennisteinsalda

The Brenni tein alda i a volcano in the outh of Iceland It height i about... more

Gigjokull Glacier

About Gigjokull A one of Eyjafjallajokull Glacier´ Outlet , Gigjokull wa... more

Langidalur Valley – Thorsmork

About Langidalur Langidalur belong to the Merkurrani Area, north of River... more

Godahraun – Magni and Modi

About Godahraun - Magni and Modi Modi and Magni are two of the two younge t... more

Vogar – Njardvik Hike

About Vogar - Njardvik Hike An ancient route through the Reid kard Pa over... more

Hiking Mt.Keilir

About the Hike The u ual route i to walk to the mountain from the north of... more

Hiking in The Reykjanes Area

Hiking in The Reykjane Area Find your own Hiking Challenge in the Reykjane... more

Mt. Trolladyngja at Reykjanes

About Trolladyngja Trolladyngja i a hyalocla tite mountain to the north of... more

Mt. Keilir

About Keilir Mt Keilir i a hyalocla tite mountain on the Reykjane Penin ula... more

Kalmanstjorn Farm

About Kalman tjorn Kalman tjorn i an abandoned farm, a former e tate to the... more


The former e tate Herdi arvik, now abandoned, tood on the ynonymou cove on... more

Hafurbjarnarstadir Farm

About Hafurbjarnar tadir Farm Hafurbjarnar tadir i located on Gard kagi in... more

Hafnaberg Cliff

About Hafnaberg Hafnaberg i a low, heer cliff ju t outh of the fi hing... more

Gardskagi – Reykjanes´ “End Point”

The northernmo t point of the Reykjane Penin ulai called Gard kagi It i... more

Mt. Brennisteinsfjoll

The Sulphur Mountain are to the outh of the Langahlid ridge on the Reykjane... more

Almenningar Lava Fields

About Almenningar Almenningar i a lava patch between the lava field... more

Hiking in Akureyri

Hiking in Akureyri The Glera Valley Area offer quite a few walking and... more

Hiking in Akureyri – Route 1: Mt Sulur from the rubbish tip

About Route 1: Mt Sulur from the rubbi h tip Di tance to ummit about 5 km... more


About Haifo The waterfall Haifo in the Thjor a Valley i 122 m high,... more

Kleifarvatn Lake

About Kleifarvatn Lake Kleifarvatn i the large t lake of the Reykjane... more

Hvalvatn Lake

About Hvalvatn Lake Lake Hvalvatn ha an area of 4,1 km², it reache a depth... more

Svinavatn Lake

About Svinavatn Lake Lake Svinavatn ha an area of 12 km² It i ituated 123... more

Apavatn Lake

About Apavatn Lake Lake Apavatn ha an area of 14 km² The catch con i t of... more


Landmannalaugar, an area of recent volcanic activity, ha colorful rhyolite... more

Svinarnes hut, Hruna

Svinarne hut, Hruna The Svinarne hut i located on River Svina, north of Mt... more

Landmannalaugar – Alftavatn Hike

About Landmannalaugar - Alftavatn Hiking Trail 1 day:... more

Alftavatn – Emstrur – Thorsmork Hike

About Alftavatn-Em trur-Thor mork Hiking Trail 1 day: Álftavatn - Em trur... more

Hiking Trails Kverkfjoll – Hvannalindir

About the Hiking Trail Changeable weather condition , uch a fog, torm... more

Mts. Lindafjoll – Mt. Rifnihnjukur – Mts. Upptyppingar Hike

About the Hiking Trail Kverkfjoll - Hvannalindir Hiking Trail #10: The... more

Hvannalindir Area – River Lindaa – Krikatjorn Pond Hike

About the Hiking Trail Kverkfjoll - Hvannalindir Hiking Trail #9 From the... more

Hvannalindir – Ruins of the Outlaw Lair – Hill Lindakeilir Hike

About the Hiking Trail Kverkfjoll - Hvannalindir Hiking Trail #8 The... more

Skarphedin’s Peak – Kverk Pass – Hut Sigurdarskali Hike

About the Hiking Trail Kverkfjoll - Hvannalindir Hiking Trail #6 From The... more

Hvannalindir – Kreppuhryggur Ridge – Krepputhrong Narrow Hike

About the Hiking Trail Kverkfjoll - Hvannalindir Hiking Trail #7 A road... more

Western Kverkfjoll Mountains Hike

About the Hiking Trail Kverkfjoll - Hvannalindir Hiking Trail #5 The tour... more

Through Eastern Kverkfjallarani to Ravine Hveragil Hike

About the Hiking Trail Kverkfjoll - Hvannalindir Hiking Trail #4 From the... more

Hut Sigurdarskali – Kverkjokull Glacier Ice Cave Hike

About the Hiking Trail Kverkfjoll - Hvannalindir Hiking Trail #1 The... more

Sigurdarskali -Mt Virkisfell – Mt Biskupsfell Hike

About the Hiking Trail Kverkfjoll - Hvannalindir Hiking Trail #2 Begin... more

Hut Sigurdarskali – Kverkfjallarani – Ravine Hveragil Hike

About the Hiking Trail Kverkfjoll - Hvannalindir Hiking Trail #3 The tour... more

Viknaslod Hiking Trail#3: Borgarfjordur – Breidavik via Gagnheidi

About the Hiking Trail An ea y walk, mo tly on a good jeep track, an earlier... more

Viknaslod Hiking Trail#1: Borgarfjordur – Brunavik across Brunavik Pass (400m)

About the Hiking Trail Thi trail take you from Borgarfjordur to Brunavik... more

Viknaslod Hiking Trail#2: Borgarfjordur – Brunavik pass Hofstrandarskard (321m)

About the Hiking Trail Thi trail take you from Borgarfjordur to Brunavik... more

Eyjafjardara River

About Eyjafjardara River Thi river run through the long Eyjafjord valley... more

Holsa River

About Hol a River Thi pring fed river wa called Djupa (The Deep River) in... more

Tindfjallajokull Glacier

About Tindfjallajokull Glacier The total area of thi mall glacier i about... more

Drangajokull Glacier

About Drangajokull Glacier Thi glacier i the northernmo t of the... more

Malmey Island

About Malmey Malmey i the larger of the two i land of the Skagafjord Bay It... more

Flatey Island Skjalfanda

About Flatey The i land Flatey i ituated on the Skjalfanda Bay It i about... more

Grimsey Island

About Grim ey I land Grim ey i the northernmo t inhabited part of Iceland It... more

Hjorsey Island

About Hjor ey I land Hjor ey ha an area of 5,5 km2 It i the large t i land... more

Hrisey Island

About Hri ey Hri ey i the econd large t i land of the country, ituated on... more

Mts Kverkfjoll

About Kverkfjoll Kverkfjoll i a mountain ma if underneath and on the... more

Reykjavik-Landmannalaugar-Reykjavik CD Guided Tours

Detail From Reykjavik via Hveragerdi, Selfo and Hella, through the... more

ATA – The Akureyri Touring Association

About The Akureyri Touring A ociation The club’ mountain hut are in... more

Utivist Travel Association

About Utivi t Travel A ociation Útivi t i a travel a ociation, which goal... more

ITA – The Iceland Touring Association (Ferdafelag Islands)

h2>About ITA - The Iceland Touring A ociation The aim of The Iceland... more

Highland Centre Hrauneyjar

About Highland Centra Hrauneyjar The Highland Center Hrauneyjar offer... more

Veidivotn huts and camping

About Veidivotn hut and camping A camping ite and WC are in the immediate... more

Hotel Kidagil

About Hotel Kidagil La t top before Sprengi and route Rate Summer 1506-... more

IGS Mountain Hut Breida

About Breida Mountain Hut The Breida hut and garage were built in 1951 The... more

ITA Mountain Huts Nyidalur / Jokuldalur

About Nyidalur / Jokuldalur hut The Iceland Touring A ociation' hut are... more

TCS Mountain Hut Hildarsel

About Hildar el hut The mountain hut Hildar el (340m) i located ea t of... more


About Kaldidalur Kaldidalur (The Cold Valley) i the we ternmo t and the... more

Hrauneyjar – Sigalda – Versalir

About Hrauneyjar - Sigalda - Ver alir Hrauneyjar i the name of an area outh... more

Sydra Fjallabak 4×4 Trail

About Sydra Fjallabak Thi route lie from the we t to ea t ju t north of the... more

Arnarvatnsheidi Moorlands

About Arnarvatn heidi Moorland The e moorland cover a large part of the... more


About Ofeig fjordur The Ofeigur Bay i divided into three fiord , furthe t... more

Ogmundarhraun Lava Field

About Ogmundarhraun The lava field Ogmundarhraun i ituated between Kry uvik... more

Ogur Church Farm

About Ogur Ogur wa an e tate and a par onage on the utmo t end of the... more

Olafsdalur Farm

About Olaf dalur The abandoned farm Olaf dalur i in a ynonymou valley in... more

Olafseyjar Islands

About Olaf eyjar I land I land Olaf eyjar have only temporarily been... more

Olfusa River

About River Olfu a River Hvita and Sog change name after their confluence... more

Olkelda Spring

About Olkelda Olkelda i the Icelandic name for a mineral pring Quite a few... more

Hnjotur Folk Museum

About Hnjotur Folk Mu eum Orlyg hofn i a hort valley ending in rather a... more


About Orlyg tadir Orlyg tadir i a hi toric ite in the Blonduhlid Area in... more


About O hlid O hlid i the almo t precipitou mountain lope between the... more

Ospakseyri Church Farm

About O pak eyri The land around the farm and the pit of land O pak eyri are... more


About Oxarfjordur Oxarfjordur i the name of the big bay between the... more


About Oxl Farm Oxl i located in County Breiduvikurhreppur, near Hotel Budir... more

Oxney Island

About Oxney I land Oxney i the econd large t i land off the Skogar trond... more

Papey Island

About Papey Thi i the large t i land off the ea t coa t of Iceland, about 2... more

Althingishusid – The Icelandic Parliament House

About Althingi hu id The Hou e of Parliament wa built in 1880 - 1881 It wa... more

Parthus Farm

About Parthu Parthu wa a heep-cot where Part-Hou e John and hi companion... more


About Perlan In addition to a myriad of attraction , The Pearl ha an... more

Ellidaar Power Plants

About Ellidaar Power Plant The fir t idea concerning a hydroelectric power... more

Fjardarsel Power Plant

About Fjardar el Power Plant In 1906, the Engineer General, Thorvald Krabbe,... more

Gardsa Power Plant

About Gard a Power Plant The town council of Olaf fjordur decided to harne... more

Rjukandi Power Plant

About Rjukandi Power Plant River Fo a drain the Snaefell’ Glacier It... more

Purkey Island

About Purkey I land I land Purkey belong to the Dalir Di trict The channel... more

Raudamelur Ytri Church Farm

About Raudamelur Ytri The hou e of the farm are ituated at the high edge of... more

Rekavik Cove

About Rekavik Cove Thi i a mall cove between the large bird cliff... more

Jokulsa a Fjollum

About Jokul a a Fjollum Two ferrie were u ed to erve the traveller , who had... more

Reykir Farm

About Reykir Farm Farm Reykir of the Skeid County developed into a hamlet... more

Reykir Folk Museum

About Reykir Mu eum Down below the farm Reykir on The Hruta Bay i a pit of... more


About Reykjaheidi The moorland outh of the fi hing town Hu avik are only... more

Heydalur Hotel

About Heydalur Hotel Heydalur i a hotel and a re taurant in uniquely... more


About Reykjane Reykjane (The Steamy Penin ula) i the name of the outh-... more

Reykjanes Peninsula

About Reykjane Penin ula It four (or five) volcanic region are called:... more

Reykjarfjordur Nyrdri

About Reykjarfjordur Nyrdri Thi wide and hort bay i ituated between the... more


About Reykjarhol kogur Thi fore t i located to the outhwe t of hamlet... more

Reykjavik Airport

About Reykjavik Airport In 1919 the pilot Rolf Zim en, the nephew of the mayor... more

Reykjavik Harbor

About Reykjavik Harbor The o-called Old Harbor of Reykjavik i the fir t... more

Reynistadur Church Farm

About Reyni tadur Reyni tadur i a farm and a church ite, approximately 10... more

Rifgirdingar Islands

About Rifgirdingar I land I land Rifgirdingar almo t clo e the mouth of the... more

Samsstadir Farm

About Sam tadir The pre ent farm con i t of earlier three farm , in... more

Sanda Village

About Sanda Village The remainder of a ba e, built by the Briti h and... more

Mt. Sandfell

About Sandfell The rhyolite laccolith Sandfell /743m) i located outh of the... more

Saudafell Farm

About Saudafell Farm Saudafell and former church ite i ituated in the... more


About Saudane The former rectory at Saudane tood in the middle of the... more

Saudeyjar Islands

About Saudeyjar I land I land Saudeyjar are ituated in the northwe t corner... more

Saurbaer Church

About Saurbaer The par onage Saurbaer i ituated in the county Hvalfjordur... more

Selatangar – Mt. Festarfjall

About Selatangar - Fe tarfjall Wherever the coa tal land cape of the outhwe t... more

Seley Island

About Seley I land I land Seley i a 21 m high, vegetated rocky i land 4,6 km... more


About Seljavallalaug The wimming pool Seljavallalaug i ituated in a hort... more

Selvik Cove

About Selvik Cove Cove Selvik wa the be t landing for mall fi hing ve el... more


About Selvogur Selvogur i a mall community ea t of farm Herdi arvik in the... more


About Seydi holar Thi clu ter of reddi h looking crater i ituated in the... more


About Siglune Siglune i the northernmo t point between the bay Siglufiord... more

Vatnsdalsa River – Westfjords

About Vatn dal a Thi river pill into the bay Vatn fiord in the Northwe t It... more

Vatnsdalsa River

About Vatn dal a The main ection i a ix rod fi hery and the only river with... more

Sjounda Farm

About Sjounda Farm Sjounda i a remote, abandoned farm in the ea ternmo t part... more

Skalafellsjokull Glacier

About Skalafell jokull Glacier Glacier Tour were founded in 1985 The road up... more

Skalavik Cove

About Skalavik Cove Skalavik wa the we ternmo t ettlement of the di trict... more

Skaleyjar Islands

About Skaleyjar I land Thi group of i land compri e of about 160 i land ,... more

Skard Church Farm

About Skard Farm Skard i a farm, a church ite and wa a large e tate for... more

Skeidararsandur Sand Plains

About Skeidarar andur Thi i one of the large t alluvial plain of the... more


About Skeidarettir The heep pen Skeidarettir i ituated ju t outh of the... more


About Skeidaveitan The greate t achievement of “Skeidamenn” wa the... more

Skeljavik Farm

About Skeljavik Farm The abandoned farm Skeljavik on a ynonymou cove i... more

Mt Skjaldbreidur

About Skjaldbreidur Thi beautiful and ymmetric prototype of hield volcanoe... more

Skogar Farm

About Skogar Farm Skogar i an abandoned farm in the ea tern lope of the... more


About Skotufjordur The Sting Ray Bay i about 10 mile (16 km) long and narrow... more

Skriddalur Valley

About Skriddalur When driving to the outh from Egil tadir, people, who do... more

Skrudur Island

About Skrudur I land Skrudur ri e teeply out of the ea ju t ea t of the... more

Skrudur Garden

About Skrudur Garden Skrudur i a mall tree park, e tabli hed hortly after... more

Smaeyjar Islands

About Smaeyjar The e are four i land ituated to the we t of the only... more

Smidjuvik Cove

About Smidjuvik Cove Smidjuvik i ituated between the headland... more

Snaefellsnes Volcanoes

About Snaefell ne Volcanoe Volcanic activity on the penin ula till exi t... more


About Speni Speni i a mound between the cove Kolbein vik and Skreflur It... more


About Stadarborg Stadarborg i a heep helter, 2-3 km from the former... more

Stadarfell Church

About Stadarfell Stadarfell i an ancient e tate and a church ite of County... more

Stadur Church

About Stadur Church Thi church belong the Pre tbakki benefice in the... more

Stadur Parsonage

About Stadur Par onage The par onage Stadur (or Stadar tadur) ha been a... more

Stadur Reykjanes

About Stadur Stadur i a former par onage and a church ite a hort di tance... more


About Stafne Stafne wa a man ion in the pa t There were many fi hing... more

Stagley Island

About Stagley I land I land Stagley i the outhernmo t of the Ve tureyjar... more


About Stakk fjordur The Stakk fjordur Bay i a deep outhern inlet of the big... more


About Stapafell Mt Stapafell i a hyalocla tite mountain on the Reykjane... more

Stapavik Cove

About Stapavik Cove Cove Stapavik i ju t ea t of river Selfjot' e tuarie... more


About Stokkalaekur Stokkalaekur i urrounded by beautiful land cape The... more

Stora Gilja

About Stora Gilja Road no 1 pa e the farm Stora-Gilja in the Hunavatn... more

Stori Holmur

About Stori Holmur Stori Holmur wa an e tate in the Leira County Probably... more


About Stori andur Stori andur i an undulating, barren area north of the... more


About Storurd Storurd (Boulder Scree) i in valley Urdardalur, which i the... more

Strandir and westfjords

About Strandir and We tfjord The di trict Stranda y la cover the ea ternmo t... more


About Straumfjordur Gunnlaugur (Gudlaugur) Thorfinn on, the great grandfather... more


About Straumne The headland Straumne eparate the cove Adalvik and Rekavik... more


About Straum vik Cove Straum vik, between the Aluminium melter and former... more


About Sturlureykir Sturlureykir i a farm in the Reykholt Valley in the... more


About Sudurarbotnar The Sudurarbotnar area i the catchment area of river... more


About Sugandafjordur The Suganda Bay i about 8 mile (13 km) long and 2,2... more

Surtsey Island

About I land Surt ey The eruption, which created thi and other i land around... more


About Svalbard Svalbard wa a manor, a church ite, and an official a embly... more


About Svartifo Svartifo i among the mo t renowned waterfall of Iceland... more

Svefneyjar Island

About I land Svefneyjar I land Svefneyjar form the innermo t part of the... more

Svidnur Islands

About I land Svidnur The Svidnur i land belong to the o-called We t I land... more


About Svina kala tekkur Svina kala tekkur i an abandoned farm in the... more

Teigarhorn Farm

About Teigarhorn Teigarhorn i a farm in the Buland County, about 4 kilometre... more


About Thei tareykir The abandoned farm Thei tareykir, and the urrounding area... more


About Thelamork Thelamork i an area in the ea tern part of Valley... more

Therney Island

About I land Therney Thi i land i ju t off the coa t of the headland Alf ne... more


About Thidrik valladalur Thi well vegetated and beautiful valley i a hort... more


About Thingeyrar Thingeyrar were among the be t and mo t pro perou e tate of... more

Thingvellir Farm

About Thingvellir Pre ently a farm at the end of a ynonymou cove outh of... more

Mt Thorbjorn

About Mt Thorbjorn Mt Thorbjorn (Thorbjarnarfell) i a free tanding,... more

Thorisholmi Island

About I land Thori holmi Thi i land i ituated about three km to the outh... more


About Thorolf fell Mt Thorolf fell (574 m) i located ea t of the inhabited... more


About Thor hofn During the 19th century hip tarted frequenting thi harbour... more


About thor kafjardarheidi The road acro thi mountain area wa mo tly carved... more


About Thor mork Thor mork i one of the brighte t pearl on the tring of... more


About Thrain kjoldur Thrain kjoldur i an exten ive lava mound north of Mt... more


About Thra tar kogur Mr Tryggvi Gunnar on, a renowned bu ine man and a... more


About Thvotta Farm Thvotta i the outhernmo t farm of the Alftafjordur County... more


About Thyrill The name Thyrill applie to a mountain (388 m) and a farm on the... more

Mt Tindastoll

About Mt Tinda toll Mt Tinda toll (995 m) i about 18 km long and a prominent... more


About Trolladyngja Trolladyngja i a hyalocla tite mountain to the north of... more

Mt Trollakirkja

About Trollakirkja Mt Trollakirkja i a high and a prominent mountain on the... more


About Urridafo In order to get to the waterfall Urridafo you follow the... more

Uthlid Farm

About Uthlid Farm Uthlid wa fir t named the Outer Hlid and wa a church ite... more

Utskalar Church

About Ut kalar Ut kalar wa a church ite and a par onage and one of the... more


About Vadalfjoll Mt Vadalfjoll are located traight to the north of... more


About Vad takk ey I land Vad takk ey i rather large and high (27m) and i... more


About Vallholmur Vallalaug hot pring Vallholmur (Holmurinn) i the lowland... more

Valthjofsstadur Church

About Valthjof tadur Thi ancient manor and par onage from the 14 century i... more


About Vatn dalur The Lake Valley i well vegetated and pro perou looking The... more


About Vatn fjordur The Vatn fjordur bay i about 9 km long with the i land... more

Vatnsleysa Farms

About Vatn ley a Farm Smaller and Big Vatn ley a were formerly manor and big... more


About Vatn ley u trond Thi 15 km long and narrow county along the northern... more


About Vatn ne Thi mountainou penin ula between the bay Midfiord and... more


About Verdalir Valley Verdalir compri e Yztidalur, Middalur and Cove Sandvik... more

The Westman Islands

About The We tman I land The We tman I land ’ volcanic y tem compri e... more


About Vidfjordur The Vidfjordur cove i the outhernmo t of the Nordfjordur... more


About Vifil tadir Originally the freedman Vifill built hi farm to the... more

Vigur Island

About Vigur Vigur i the econd large t i land of the I afjordur Bay It i... more

Vikur Hiking Trails – Borgarfjordur East

About Vikur trail The Vikur Cove (or Inlet ) are located between the bay... more

Vogastapi Headland

About Voga tapi Headland Voga tapi (80 m) carried different name in the pa t,... more

Gvendarbrunnar – Reykjavik Municipality Waterworks

About Gvendarbrunnar Waterwork Our exi tence ha alway depended on water The... more

Yztafell Farm

About Yztafell Thi farm i ituated at the northern foot of Mt Kinnarfell in... more

Camping in Hvolsvollur

Hvol völlur i located on highway no 1 The camp ite i at the entrance to the... more


About Skriduklau tur Thi renowned, ancient manor wa called Skrida up to the... more


Lagarfljot River Lagarfljot i the econd large t one in the Ea t, about 85... more


Jokuldalur Jokuldalur (The Glacial Valley) i the longe t inhabited valley of... more


Hengifo River Hengifo a di charge Lake Hengifo arvatn on the... more


About Melrakka letta The northea tern penin ula i namele , but it large t... more

Raudanes hike

Hiking in Raudane Point Raudane i in the vicinity of farm Vellir and former... more


About Langane Langane i a large and long penin ula to the ea t of the... more


About Tjorne The mountainou penin ula Tjorne i indented with hort valley... more

Camping in Thakgil

Þakgil i located between Höfðabrekkuafrétti and Mýrdal andur The name... more

Selfoss Waterfall – Jokulsa a Fjollum

About Selfo Selfo i one of the three waterfall of river Jokul a a... more

Namaskard hverir

Nama kard hverir Thi pectacular high temperature area (410 m above ea... more

Camping in Vik

The Vík camping ite i in clo e proximity to the Vík village On the ite we... more

Jardbodin a Myvatni (Jardbadsholar)

About Jardbodin a Myvatni The crater row Jardbad holar i ituated near road... more

Grimsstadir a Fjollum

Grim tadir a Fjollum Farm Grim tadir and farm Modrudalur are the highe t lying... more


Bjarnarflag Bjarnarflag i a high temperature area ituated we t of the... more

Bjarnarflag Power Plant

About Bjarnarflag Power Plant The idea of harne ing the geothermal energy of... more


Dimmuborgir The Nature Re erve Dimmuborgir, „The Dark Ca tle ”, are among... more


Aldeyjarfo Thi waterfall i con idered the mo t beautiful one in the river... more


Barnafo The waterfall Barnafo i in River Skjalfandafljot near the... more


Adaldalur Valley Adaldalur cover mo t of the lowland area to the outh of Bay... more


Vagla kogur Vagla kogur i the econd large t fore t of the country It i... more


Munkatvera Munkathvera i a farm, a church ite and a former manor in the... more


Kaldbakur Mt Kaldbakur (1167 m) protrude from the ea tern hore of the... more


Hrafnagil Hrafnagil ha been an e tate ince ancient time It wa a church... more

Videy hike

Videy hike Videy i the large t i land of the Kollafjord Bay (1,7 km²) with... more

Oskjuhlid Hike

O kjuhlid Hike The hill O kjuhlid i an important link in the chain of open... more

Ellidaardalur hike

Ellidaardalur hike The Ellidaar-valley i one of the mo t intere ting... more

Ellidavatn hike

Ellidavatn hike Lake Ellidavatn i among the many lake within the capital... more

Raudholar – all year hiking trip

Raudholar - all year hiking trip Raudholar are the remainder of a clu ter of... more

Hiking Nyidalur

About Hiking in Nyidalur Nýidalur hut– Evening troll with the park ranger... more

Snaefell to Lonsoraefi Hike

About Snaefell to Lon oraefi hike Di tance : Snaefell - Geithellnar about 100... more

Hiking Trails Kverkfjoll and Hvannalindir

About Hiking Trail Kverkfjoll and Hvannalindir Changeable weather condition ,... more

Askja Trail: Hike from Herdubreidalindir to Svartarkot

About A kja Trail - Hike from Herdubreidalindir to Svartarkot The walking... more

Esja hike

About E ja Hike Mt E ja i the mo t prominent mountain within the capital area... more

Hiking in Hveragerdi

About Hiking in Hveragerdi Number of hiking trail are available at Hveragerdi... more

Reykjavegur Hike

Reykjavegur Hike The Reykjavegur hiking trail i divided into a few ea y... more

Camping in Eldborg

The camp ite next to Hotel Eldborg i about 50 km away from the town... more

Camping in Blonduos

Camping in Blonduo Gladheimar hf 540 Blonduo Tel: 820-1300 /... more

Camping in Varmahlid

The camp ite in Varmahlid i a family friendly are with lot of activitie all... more

Camping in Dalvik

When arriving from Akureyri, the camp ite i by the outhern entrance in to the... more

Camping in Asbyrgi

The national park i open to gue t all year round A camp ite for tent ,... more


About A byrgi A byrgi certainly i one of nature’ wonder It i a 3½ km... more

Camping in Thorshofn

The camp ite i high in the village in an extremely peaceful location, with all... more

Camping in Eskifjordur

The camp ite i located clo e to the entrance to the village of E kifjörður,... more

Camping in Faskrudsfjordur

Thi camp ite i by a mall pond in the top of Fa krud fjordur village The... more

Camping in Stodvarfjordur

The camp ite i located in the ea tern ide of Stodvafjordur village It' right... more

Camping in Breiddalsvik

Situated behind Hotel Blafell, next to the playground i where you will find... more

Camping in Djupivogur

The camp ite i in the middle of Djupivogur town, erviced by Hotel Framtíð... more

Sudursveit Camping – Jokulsarlon

About Sudur veit Camping Gerdi v/Hala 13 km ea t from Jökul árlón lagoon... more

Hallormstadur Camping – Atlavik

Around the camp ite are about 40 kilometer of marked walking path , a well a... more

Camping in Egilsstadir

In the town of Egil tadir are two camping ground - one in Kaupvangur and the... more

Camping in Borgarfjordur Eystri

Camp ite with good facilitie for camping vehicle Cooking facilitie with... more


About Godafo Thi i one of the mo t impre ive waterfall of the country It... more

Godafoss Camping

Gue thou e Fo hóll i located by the Goðafo gulley only 500 meter away... more

Holaskjol to Hvanngil Hike

About Hola kjol to Hvanngil Hike Thi pectacular hiking trail and bridle path... more

Hveravellir to Hvitarnes Hike

About Hveravellir to Hvitarne Hike The hiking di tance i 42 - 44 km At the... more

Hellismannaleid Hike – Landmannalaugar to Rjupnavellir

About the Helli mannaleið Hike The total hiking di tance compri e about 55... more

Holaskjol to Thorsmork Hike

About Hola kjol to Thor mork Hike Thi pectacular hiking trail and bridle... more

Fimmvorduhals hike – Skogar to Thorsmork

About Fimmvorduhal hike- Skogar to Thor mork The di tance between Skogar and... more

Laugavegur Hike – from Landmannalaugar to Thorsmork

About Laugavegur hike - from Landmannalaugar to Thor mork The total hiking... more

Camping in Kirkjubaer II

The camping i ituated in the village of Kirkjubæjarklau tur It offer good... more

Faxi Waterfall – Camping

The camp ite by the waterfall Faxa i on the river ide of the Tungufljot river,... more

Svinafell Camping

Svinafell Camping offer two type of camping: Fir t, there are 8 camping area... more

Skaftafell Camping

The campground office i located next to the entrance gate Vi itor hould... more

Geysir Camping

The camp ite i within walking di tance from the hot pring area and the great... more

Camping in Hafnafjordur

The camp ite i clo e to all ervice , hopping and many touri t attraction... more

Camping in Hveragerdi

The camp ite i clo e to the center of the village, within walking di tance of... more

Camping in Thorlakshofn

The camp ite i located next to the port center and the church of... more

Camping in Vogar

The camp ite i clo e to the port center, located on a gra field that u ed... more

Camping in Grindavik

In the camping ite you have 13500 qmeter area to park your tent, trailer or... more

Utivist Alftavotn hut

About Alftavotn hut Member of the Touring A ociation Utivi t re tored the... more

Esjufjallaskali hut

About E jufjalla kali hut The hut i located on the nunatak E jufjoll at 701... more

Utivist Mountain hut Strutur

About Strutur hut Mountain hut Strutur wa built to accommodate 26 people in... more

Leppistungur hut, Hruna

About Leppi tungur hut, Hruna The Leppi tungur hut wa built in 1987 on River... more

Svinarnes hut, Hruna

Svinarne hut, Hruna The Svinarne hut i located on River Svina, north of Mt... more

Helgaskali Mountain hut

Helga kali hut Mountain hut Helga kali i on the o-called Line-Track between... more

Hveravellir huts

About Hveravellir hut Online booking for Mountain Hut are not avaible at... more

ITA Thjofadalir hut, Kjolur

About Thjofadalir hut, Kjolur The mall hut in valley Thjofadalir wa built... more

ITA Thverbrekknamuli hut, Kjolur

About Thverbrekknamuli Hut The Thverbrekknamuli hut i ituated outhea t of... more

ITA Hvitarnes hut, Kjolur

About Hvitarne in Kjolur The Hvitarne hut wa the fir t to be built by the... more

Gislaskali in Svartarbotnar, Kjolur

About Gi la kali Gi la kali in Svartárbotnar i the la t hut on the outhern... more

Uthlid Camping

Thi i a relatively large camp ite with a wimming pool, re taurant, golf... more

Arbudir hut, Kjolur

About Arbudir hut, Kjolur Arbudir i another hut in Kjölur and the econd hut... more

Fremstaver Hut

About Frem taver hut Frem taver i a hut in Kjölur one of the main highland... more

Hotel Sanda, Blaskogabyggd

Hotel Sanda mountain hut on river Sanda at the outhernmo t end of the Kjolur... more

ITA Hagavatn hut, Jarlhettur Langjokull

About Hagavatn hut, Jarlhettur Langjokull Mountain hut Hagavatn wa built in... more

Laugarvatn Camping

Thi camp ite i quite big, with ba ic ervice clo e by like a grocery tore... more

ITA Nordurfjordur hut

About Nordurfjordur hut The Nordurfjordur hut i called Valgeir tadir It i a... more


About Nordurfjordur Thi cove with a ynonymou hamlet i ituated ju t north... more

ITA Mounatin Hut Hloduvellir

About Hloduvellir Hut The Hloduvellir hut i the property of the Iceland... more

ATA Mountain hut Botni

Hut Botni The Botni hut i located at about 650 metre above ea level It wa... more

ATA Mountain Hut Braedrafell

About Braedrafell hut Mountain hut Braedrafell i located SE from Mt... more

ATA Mountain huts Dreki, Dyngjufjoll

About Dreki hut , Dyngjufjoll Dreki i located at the outhern foot of the... more

ATA Mountan hut Thorsteinsskali, Herdubreidarlindir

About Thor tein kali hut, Herdubreidalindir Mountain hut Thor tein kali wa... more

ATA Mountain hut Dyngjufell

About Dyngjufell hut Mountain hut Dyngjufell i located at the northea tern... more

ATA Mountain hut Lambi, Glerardalur

About Lambi hut, Glerardalur The mountain hut Lambi in valley Glerardalur wa... more

ATA huts Laugarfell, Eyjafjardardalur

About Laugarfell hut , Eyjafjardardalur The Laugafell hut wa built in... more

TCS Mountain hut Ingolfskali, Lambahrauni

About Ingolf kali Hut, Lambahrauni Mountain hut Ingolf kali wa built in 1978... more

TCS Mountain hut Trolli, Gonguskord

About Trolli Hut, Gongu kord<> Mountain hut Trolli (370m) i located... more

TCS Mountain hut Thufnavellir, Vididalur

About Thufnavellir hut, Vididalur Mountain hut Thufnavellir i located in... more

Holaskjol Mountain Hut

About Hola kjol Hola kjol, heltered by Mound Lamba kard holar, have offer... more

Utivist Mountain Hut Skaelingar

About Skaelingar Hut Touring A ociation Utivi t re tored a decayed farmer '... more

Utivist Mountain Hut Sveinstindur

About Svein tindur The Svein tindur hut i located outhea t of Mt... more

ITA Mountain Hut – Baldvinsskali

About Baldvin kali Baldvinn kali i located at Fimmvorduhal , one of the... more

FTC Hut Breidavik, Breidavik Austfjords

Breidavik Hut Mountain hut Breidavik i located on a ynonymou cove in the... more

FTC Husavikurskali, Austfjordum

Mountain hut Hu avikur kali i on a ynonymou cove in the Ea tfjord It wa... more

FTC Egilssel hut, Lonsoraefi

About Egil el hut, Lon oraefi Mountain hut Egil el i locate in the... more

FTC Hut Geldingarfell

Mountain hut Geldingafell Mountain hut Geldingafell i located at the foot of... more

Mountain Hut Sigurdarskali, Kverkfjoll

About Sigurdar kali Hut Mountain hut Sigurdar kali i open the whole year... more

FTC Snaefellskali Hut, Snaefell

About Snaefell Mountain Hut Mountain hut Snaefell kali i located at the foot... more

Hut Breida, Jokulsarlon

Hut Breida, Jokul arlon The Breida hut and garage were built in 1951 The... more

IGS Hut Esjufjoll, Breidamerkurjokull

About Hut E jufjoll, Breidamerkurjokull The hut i located on the nunatak... more

IGS Fjallkirkja hut Langjokull

Fjallkirkja hut Langjokull Fjallkirkja wa built in 1979 at the foot of a... more

IGS Grimsvotn Mountain Huts

About Grim votn Mountain Hut The fir t hut, Grim fjall I, the mea urement... more

IGS Jokulheimar Mountain Hut

About Jokulheimar Mountain Hut The fir t hut wa built in 1955, the garage in... more

Utivist Mountain Hut – Fimmvorduhals

About the Hut The Touring A ociation Utivi t re tored the decayed, former... more

IGS Kverkfjoll Mountain Hut

About Kverkfjoll Mountain Hut Mountain hut Kverkfjalla kali wa built in 1977... more

Utivist Basar Mountain Huts in Thorsmork

About Ba ar Mountain Hut Soon after the Touring A ociation Utivi t wa... more

Hottur Mountain Hut Drekafjoll, Dyngjufjoll

About Hottur Mountain Hut Drekafjoll, Dyngjufjoll Thi mountain hut i the... more

ITA Mountain Huts Skagafjordsskali Langidalur Thorsmork

About Skagafjord kali Mountain hut Skagfjord kali i located on a flat area... more

Mulaskali, Lonsoraefi

About Mula kali Mountain Hut Mountain hut Mula kali wa built in 1984 ju t... more

Volcano Huts – Husadalur Thorsmork

About Volcano Hut Thor mork The Volcano Hut are located in the Thor mork... more

IGS Godahnjukar hut

About Godahnjukar hut Mountain hut Godahnukar wa built in 1979 for 6-12... more


About Godahnjukar Mountain hut Godahnukar wa built in 1979 for 6-12 per on... more

ITA Mountain Huts Botnar in Emstrur

About Botnar The Iceland Touring A ociation hut Botnar on river South... more

Camping in Kidagil

The camp ite i about 23 kilometer from the ring road, and around 20... more

Alftavatn Hut – Holtungur

About Alftavatn Hut The Alftavatn hut leep 10 people Thi co y hou e ha a... more

ITA Hornbjarg Hut, Hornstrandir

About Hornbjarg Hut and Camping The ITA ha taken over the operation of the... more

ITA Mountain Huts at Lake Alftavatn

About Alftavatn Mountain Hut The mountain hut of the Iceland Touring... more

ITA Hrafntinnusker Mountain Hut

About Hrafntinnu ker Mountain Hut/h3> The ITA hut on Mt Hrafntinnu ker,... more


About Hallbjarnarvordur Thi topographic name literally mean The Cairn of... more

Utivist Mountain Hut – Dalakofinn

About Dalakofinn The Dalakofinn hut i located in the maje tic land cape ju t... more


Hamra kogar The Hamra kogar Fore t i a patch of wood to the north of the... more

Afangagil Mountain Hut

About Afangagil The mountain hut Afangagil i ituated on the edge of one of... more


About Haukadal heidi Moorland Haukadal heidi i ituated in the outhern... more

Rjupnavellir Cottages

About Rjupnavellir Rjúpnavellir in Land veit i a mall and comfortable... more

Landmannahellir Cottages

About Landmannahellir Cottage Accommodation on the Domadalur... more

ITA Mountain Huts in Landmannalaugar

About Landmannalaugar Hut The Iceland Touring A ociation fir t built a hut... more

Herdubreid og Herdubreidarlindir

About Herdubreid og Herdubreidarlindir There i a mountain range ea t of The... more


Hljodaklettar (The Whi pering Cliff ) are a bizarre looking group of crater... more


About Hlodufell Mt Hlodufell i a beautifully haped table mountain to the... more

Hofsjokull Glacier

Hof jokull (Ea t) Glacier Hof jokull Ea t (1069m) i located ea t of Glacier... more


About Hola kjol Hola kjol, heltered by Mound Lamba kard holar, have offer... more


About Hola kogur Hola kogur (The Fore ted Mound ) i a defore ted area of the... more


About Holmatungur Holmatungur i a well vegetated area on the we tern ide of... more


About Hol fjoll Hol fjoll, or Fjalla veit, i the name of the area to the ea t... more


About Holuhraun Thi lava field and it two crater row were created by... more


About Hrafntinnu ker The Engli h name of thi 1128 m high mountain i The... more


About Hro aborg "The Hor e Ca tle" i one of two "tuff ring " ituated in the... more


About Hu adalur Valley Hu adalur i omewhat larger than Valley Langidalur and... more


About Hvannalindir The Hvannalindir area i a vegetated oa i , 640 m above ea... more


Hvanngil The new Hvanngil Hut offer leeping bag accommodation for 70 people... more

ITA Hvanngil Hut

About Hvanngil Hut The new Hvanngil Hut offer leeping bag accommodation for... more


About Hveravellir Hveravellir (The Hot Spring Field ) i a very intere ting... more

Hvitarnes Kjolur

About Hvitarne Kjolur Thi i mo tly a delta area between ome river on the... more

Lake Hvitarvatn

About Lake Hvitarvatn Lake Hvitarvatn ha an area of 29,4 km² It greate t... more


About I hol vatn Lake I hol vatn ha an area of 5,2 km² It i 5 km long, 39 m... more


About Jokulfall River Jokulfall i al o called Jokulkvi l Several rivulet... more


About Jokulheimar Jokulheimar are ituated in an area called Tungnarbotnar... more

Jokulsa a Bru

Jokul a a Bru Jokla, a many people call it, i the longe t river of Ea tern... more

Jokulsa a Fjollum

Jokul a a fjollum Thi glacial river, a di charge of the icecap Vatnajökull... more

Jokulsargljufur National Park

About National Park Jokul argljufur The Northern Part of National Park... more


Karahnjukar compri e two hyalocla tite mountain on the ea tern ide of River... more

Karlsdrattur Cove

About Karl drattur The cove i ituated ju t ea t of the northern glacier... more

Kaldarhofdi Farm

About Kaldarhofdi Farm Kaldarhofdi i oppo ite to the Drattarhlid Hill to... more

Mt. Vordufell

About Vordufell Mt Vordufell (391 m) i a triangularly haped mountain to... more

Mt. Hestfjall

About He tfjall Mt He tfjall (317 m) ri e gradually higher from the outh... more

Braedratunga Church Farm

About Braedratunga Braedratunga i a manor and a church ite on the tongue... more

Laugarvatnsvellir Plains

About Laugarvatn vellir Laugarvatn vellir i a large gra y area, a former... more

Skalholt Church

About Skalholt The ancient eat of the Icelandic bi hop , Skalholt, wa the... more


About A hildarmyri A hildarmyri i a hi torical ite and an ancient meeting... more

Hagongur Mountains

About Hagongur Hagongur i the name of two imilar mountain , The Northern-H... more

Grimsvotn Central Volcano

About Grim votn Grim votn, under the centre of the Vatnajokull Ice Cap, i a... more

Grafarlond Eystri

About Grafarlond Thi mall oa i i ituated at the ea tern edge of the va t... more


About Godaland Godaland, like the other former ummer pa ture , Mulatungur... more


About Gljufurleit Gljufurleit i a part of the we tern lope of the River... more

Gaesavotn Route

About Gae avotn Route (F-910) Thi route i one of the mo t intere ting and... more

Gaesavotn Lakes

About Gae avotn (Gee e Lake ) Tho e two lake are ituated at the we tern... more

Granahaugar Burial Site

About Granahaugar Short di tance north of Buland in Skaftartunga lie the... more

Gragaesadalur Valley

About Gragae adalur Valley Gragae adalur (greylag goo e) i in the outhwe t... more

Fremrinamur Geothermal Area

About Fremrinamur Fremrinamur i a high temperature area on the hield... more

Mt. Fjordungsalda

About Fjordung alda Thi low mountain (972m) i actually an old and heavily... more

Fjallabak Nature Reserve

About Fjallabak Fjallabak Nature Re erve wa e tabli hed in 1979 The Nature... more

Fjallabak Sydra Route

About Fjallabak Sydra (South) The Fjallabak ydra route lie from the we t to... more

Landmannaleid Route

About Landmannaleid Thi route take you through one of the mo t colorful... more

Fagrifoss Waterfall

About Fagrifo Fagrifo i a waterfall on the way to laki route i very... more

Eyvindakofaver Marsh

About Eyvindarkofaver Eyvindarkofaver i a relatively well-vegetated mar h... more


About Eyjabakkar Thi boggy area northea t of the glacier nout... more

Eyjabakkajokull Glacier

About Eyjabakkajokull The glacier nout Eyjabakkajokull i the ea ternmo t of... more


About Em trur Em trur i a de olate grazing area in the outhern interior,... more

Eldgja Fissure

About Eldgja Eldgja, or "The Fire Fi ure”, i 40 km long and tretche from... more

Eiriksjokull Glacier

About Eirik jokull Glacier Eirik jokull (1,675 m) ha an area of about 22 km... more

Dyngjuhals Ridge

About Dyngjuhal The Dyngjuhal i a wide ridge ea t of Lake Gae avotn It i... more


About Katla The central volcano Katla i hidden under the outhea tern part of... more


About Kerlingarfjoll The mountain ma if Kerlingarfjoll (The Ogre '... more


About Kidagil Thi gorge repre ent the northern boundary of the Sprengi andur... more

Kirkjufell Highland

About Kirkjufell Mt Kirkjufell (964 m) i a prominent rhyolite mountain on the... more


Ki tufell Thi mountain protrude up to 1444 m (4,765 feet) above ea level... more

Kjolur Route

About Kjolur Route The Kjolur area (600-700m) lie between the Langjokull... more


About Krafla The name of Mt Krafla wa extended over the high temperature area... more


About Krepputunga The Kverkfjoll Mountain are at the northern edge of the... more


About Kverkfjoll Kverkfjoll i a mountain ma if underneath and on the... more

Hiking in Laki, Lakagigar

About Hiking in Laki, Lakagigar Thi part of the Interior offer clear trail... more

Laki, Lakagigar

About Laki, Lakagigar The 25 km long crater row called Lakagigar wa created... more


About Lambatungnajokull Thi glacier nout flow down into the Skyndidalur... more


About Landmannahellir Cave Landmannahellir at the foot of Mt Helli fjall outh... more

Landmannaleid route

About Landmannaleid Kringla Thi area on the Landmanna Route could be called... more


Langi jor Thi lake i about 20 km long and up to 2 km wide and it extend... more

Langjokull Glacier

About Langjokull The Long Glacier (1355m) i the econd large t in Iceland It... more

Mt. Laugarfell

About Laugarfell The mountain Laugafell and Laugafell hnjukur (892 and 987 m)... more


About Laugarvalladalur Thi valley i one of the Bruar Valley , mentioned... more


About Maelifell andur Thi i a wide and and gravel plain north of the... more

Markarfljot river

About Markarfljot River The 1070 km² catchment area of the glacial river... more


Martein flaeda The area called Martein flaeda i north of Lake Gae avotn, and... more


About Merkurtungur The Merkurtungur Area lie between the South and North... more


About Mjoidalur Thi valley branche to the outh from the end of the... more


About Modrudalur Modrudalur i the highe t ituated and till inhabited farm... more


About Mulatungur The Mulatungur cover the area between River Tungnakvi l to... more


About Myrdal jokull The Myrdal jokull (1480m) i the fourth large t glacier... more

Nyidalur – Jokuldalur

Both name , The New Valley (Nyidalur) and The Glacial Valley (Jokuldalur) are... more


About Sigalda Thi hyalocla tite (moberg) ridge ri e 550 m above ea level to... more


Skaelingar Skaelingar (plural) are an interior ummer pa ture area for heep... more


About Skafta Skafta i a mixed glacial and pring fed river Mo t of the... more

Mt. Snaefell

About Snaefell The Snowy Mountain (Sierra Nevada) i the highe t free tanding... more

Sottarhellir Cave

Sottarhellir Cave Cave Sottarhellir (The Plague Cave) i located in the... more

Sprengisandur Route

About Sprengi andur Route Thi part of the interior, the o-called... more

Dyngjufjoll Mountains

About Dyngjufjoll The Odadahraun lava de ert Thi i the va te t lava... more

Domadalur Valley

About Domadalur Valley Domadalur i located ju t ea t of Kringla (Cave... more

Domadalur Route (F-225)

About Domadalur The Domadalur Route i actually the we ternmo t part of the... more

Dettifoss Waterfall

About Dettifo Dettifo i Europe’ mightie t waterfall It i 44 m high... more

Budarhals Ridge

About Budarhal Budarhal i a 600-700 m high dolerite and hyalocla tite... more

Bruarjokull Glacier

About Bruarjokull Thi glacier tongue i the large t of the many uch of the... more


About Stakkholt gja The Stakkholt Area i framed by Glacier Eyjafjallajokull... more


About Stein holt Stein holt i a 3 mile long ummer pa ture in the northern... more


About Sveinagja Sveinagja i a volcanic fi ure and a fault in the ea tern... more


About Teig tungur Summer pa ture Teig tungur tretch up to the edge of the... more


About Thjofadalir The Valley of Thieve are ituated between the econd... more

River Thjorsa

About River Thjor a The Book of Settlement explain the denomination of the... more

Bruardalir Valleys

About Bruardalir The e valley are ituated in the Bruaroraefi Interior of... more

Biskupsbrekka Slope

About Bi kup brekka The green Bi hop' Slope in the we tern interior, near... more


Thjor ardalur During the fir t half of "The Free State Period" (930-1262), the... more


About Thjor arver Thi va t (150 km²) and par ely vegetated area on both... more

Torfajokull glacier

About Torfajokull glacier The glacier Torfajokull peak at 1,190 m above ea... more

Beinaholl Mound

About Beinaholl (Bone Mound) Thi topographic name refer to the vegetated... more

Basar Valley

About Ba ar Valley Ba ar i a part of the rugged Godaland Area between the... more

Mt. Bardarbunga

About Bardarbunga Mt Bardarbunga i the econd highe t elevation of the... more


About Trolladyngja Mt Trolladyngja (4,815 feet) i a va t hield volcano at... more

Bardargata Route

About Bardargata Bardargata i the name of a route from the Bardardalur... more


About Tungnaaoraefi Tungnaaroraefi i the area between the river Skafta and... more

The Odadahraun Lava Fields

About Odadahraun Thi name refer to the large t lava area of the country... more

Mt. Askja – Dyngjufjoll

About A kja - Dyngjufjoll The Odadahraun lava de ert Thi i the va te t... more


About Tungnafell jokull Glacier Mt Tungnafell (1,392 m) i a convex and teep... more

Mt. Arnarfell

About Arnarfell Mt Arnarfell (1143m) i almo t engulfed by the outhea tern... more

Vatnahjalli Route

About Vatnahjalli Route Thi ancient route i al o named The Eyfirdinga Route... more

Arnardalur Valley

About Arnardalur Valley Arnardalur i located 25 km outh of farm Modrudalur... more

Veidivotn Lakes

Veidivotn Lake Thi part of the country i among the younge t (1477) and... more


About Ve turoraefi Thi va t feeding and breeding area of the reindeer i... more


About Vonar kard The Pa of Hope i named after an event, which took place... more

Alftavatnskrokur Dell

About Alftavatn krokur Alftavatn krokur i a dell with a few mall lake... more

Lake Alftavatn

About Alftavatn The Whooper Swan Lake i ituated ju t outh of The Middle... more

Aldeyjarfoss Waterfall

About Aldeyjarfo Thi waterfall i con idered the mo t beautiful one in... more

Adalbol Farm

About Adalbol The former e tate i ituated in the Hrafnkell Valley, a mall... more

Oraefajokull Glacier

About Oraefajokull Oraefajokull i the highe t mountain of the country, 2,110... more

Vatnajokull Glacier – Europe´s Largest Icecap

About Vatnajokull Vatnajokull (2110m) wa named after ub-glacial lake in a... more

Papos Trading Post

About Papo Papo wa the fir t trading po t of the Ea t Skaftafell Di trict... more

Fagurholsmyri Farm Community

About Fagurhol myri Fagurhol myri i a farm community in the Oraefi County On... more

Breidamerkurjokull Glacier

About Breidamerkurjokull Glacier Breidamerkurjokull count among the large t... more

Stakkholt Gorge

About Stakkholt The Stakkholt Area i framed by Glacier Eyjafjallajokull to... more

Eyjafjallajokull Glacier

About Eyjafjallajokull Eyjafjallajokull (Directly tran lated: "The I land... more

Dyrholaey Headland

About Dyrholaey Dyrholaey i a 120 m high and precipitou headland A large,... more

Reynishverfi – Reynir and Gardar Farms

About Reyni hverfi Gardar i the outhernmo t farm of Iceland We t of it i... more

Badstofuhellir Cave

About Bad tofuhellir The and tone outcrop Hellna kagi i on the property of... more

Petursey Mountain

About Petur ey "The Peter' I land" a thi free tanding, 275 m high, mountain... more

Solheimajokull Glacier

About Solheimajokull glacier The glacier nout Solheimajokull i the... more

Asolfsskali Church Farm

About A olf kali A olf kali i a farm and a church ite at the foothill of... more

Skogafoss Waterfall

About Skogafo Waterfall Skogafo i 60 m high and counted among the mo t... more

Seljalandsfoss Waterfall

About Seljalandfo Waterfall Thi waterfall i about 60 m high and it i... more

Seljaland Caves

There are many man made cave in the Southwe tern Lowland Behind the ruin of... more

Eyvindarmuli Church Farm

About Eyvindarmuli Farm Eyvindarmuli in Fljot hlid County wa a church ite... more

Thrihyrningur Mountain

About Thrihyrningur The mountain „Thrihyrningur“ tower over... more

Einhyrningur Mountain

About Einhyrningur Mt Einhyrningur (750m) i located between the mall... more

Kirkjubaer Church Farm

About Kirkjubaer The e tate Ea tern and We tern Kirkjubaer (Church Farm) i... more

Thingskalar Parlament Site

About Thing kalar Thing kalar i an ancient place of the a embly of the... more

Stora Hof Farm

About Stora Hof Thi e tate i located near River Ea tern Ranga in Di trict... more

Leirubakki Farm

About Leirubakki Leirubakki i an old farm ite occupied ince oon after the... more

Gunnarsholt Farm

About Gunnar holt Gunnar holt wa named after Gunnar Baug on, grandfather... more

Keldur Church Farm

About Keldur Keldur i a farm and a church ite in the Rangarvellir County... more

Oddi Church Farm

About Oddi Oddi wa a manor and a par onage a well a one of the mo t... more

Bergthorshvoll Farm

About Bergthor hvoll Farm Bergthor hvoll i al o the domicile of a Lutheran... more

Hlidarendi Farm

About Hlidarendi Hlidarendi i a farm and a church ite in the Fljot hlid... more

Thjorsa River

About Thjor a The Book of Settlement explain the denomination of the river:... more

Gaulverjabaer South – Farm

About Gaulverjabaer Gaulverjabaer i a farm hamlet, church ite and a former... more

Floi Nature Reserve

About Floi Nature Re erve Thi nature re erve cover a part of the ea tern... more

Strandar church

About Strandar church Thi church belong to the Thorlak hofn benefice in the... more


About Thuridarbud Thuridarbud i a replica of the former fi hermen’... more

Reykir Hveragerdi

About Reykir Hveragerdi Thi former manor i ituated at the foot of Mt... more

Hellisheidi Power Plant

Helli heidi Power Plant Thi power plant i ituated at the foot of Mt... more


About Kolvidarholl The former farm Kolvidarholl at the foot of the Helli kard... more


About Kaldadarne Kaldadarne wa and till i a large e tate ju t ea t of... more


About Ingolf fjall Mt Ingolf fjall (551m) i a teep loped hyalocla tite... more


About Hjalli Hjalli i a farm and a church ite in the Olfu County Around... more


About Arnarbaeli Farm Arnarbaeli i really a part of a farm hamlet named The... more


Thykkvibaer Thi i a clu ter of farm ituated on the highe t lying ground of... more

Hiking in Reykjafjordur Nyrdri

Hiking in Reykjafjordur Nyrdri Mt Geirolf gnupur i a challenge on a fine day... more

Camping in Reykjarfjordur

A good, private run camp ite i located in Reykjarfjordur Service on... more

Hiking in Lonafjordur

Hiking in Lonafjordur An old route lie from Cove Midkjo through the Snoka... more

Camping in Lonafjordur

There i a camp ite free of charge in... more

Hiking in Hrafnfjordur

Hiking in Hrafnfjordur A hiking trail acro the Skorarheidi Moorland to the... more

Hiking in Hloduvik

Hiking in Hloðuvík The hiking trail between the cove Hloduvik and Haelavik... more

Camping in Hloduvik

There i a camp ite in Hloduvik free of... more

Hiking in Hesteyri

He teyri hiking route From He teyri over the Kjaran vik Pa The route lie... more

Camping in Hesteyri

Nowaday traveller in the area during ummer are offered board and lodging... more

Hiking in Fljotavik

Hiking in Fljotavik Thi abandoned part of the country i among the mo t... more

Hiking routes Furufjordur

Hiking route Furufjordur The route acro the Skorarheidi Moorland begin or... more

Camping in Furufjordur

There i a camp ite free of charge in... more

Hiking routes in Bolungarvik in Hornstrandir

Hiking route in Bolungarvik Above the abandoned farm Bolungarvikur el i a... more

Camping in Bolungarvik in Hornstrandir

The camp ite i very vi ible when driving into the town and located next to a... more

Camping in Holmavik

The camp ite i located by the wimming pool, within walking di tance of a... more

Camping in Drangsnes

The camp ite i clo e to grocery tore , wimming pool and a re taurant It i... more

Camping in Gjogur and Djupavik

Camping in Gjogur Finnboga tadir Arne hreppurk 510 Holmavik Telephone: +354... more

Camping in Hornstrandir

The Icelandic Travel A ociation (ITA) operate a camping ite at the... more

Camping in Bordeyri

The camp ite i in a flat area, located by the ea ide Opening Hour : 1 t of... more

Camping in Talknafjordur

The camp ite i in the center of the town, next to the wimming pool Opening... more

Camping in Sudureyri

The camp ite i located clo e to ervice and activitie , for example a wimming... more

Camping in Sudavik

The camp ite i located by a community center, overlooking mount Kofra in the... more

Camping in Reykholar, Bjarkarlundur

Reykholar Camp ite The camp ite i located by the natural hot pring... more

Camping in Patreksfjordur

The camp ite i vi ible when entering the town and i located next to a... more

Camping in Jokulfirdir

Contact Information: Hrannargata 8 400 I afjordur Email:... more

Camping in Isafjordur

The camp ite i about 4 kilometer from the Í afjörður town center The area... more

Camping in Flateyri

The camp ite i located right below the avalanche protection wall The inner... more

Camping in Flatey

One of the farm , about 300 meter from the pier, offer camping Contact... more

Camping in Flokalundur

The camp ite i in Vatn fjordur on the outh ide of the We tfjord , about 6... more

Camping in Breidavik

The camp ite i located on the road leading to Latrabjarg, one of the... more

Camping in Bildudalur

The camp ite i at the ea ide, next to a port center Opening Hour : 1 t of... more

Hiking Tharalatursfjordur

Hiking Tharalatur fjordur A walk along the bay via Tharalatur ne to the... more

Hiking trails in National Park Snaefellsjokull

Hiking trail in National Park Snaefell jokull The main hiking route in the... more

Camping in Raudasandur

Thi i the only camp ite at Rauda andur, with great view over Latrabjarg... more

Camping in Nupur

The camp ite i next to Hotel Nupur in the fjord Dýrafjörður When arriving... more

Hiking in Arnarstapi

Hiking Trail in Arnar tapi The main hiking route in the Nature Re erve are... more

Hiking in Hellnar

Hiking in Hellnar Hellnar - Arnar tapi The lava field between Arnar tapi and... more

Camping in Hellnar

The camp ite Snjofell at Arnar tapi i a large camp ite It i located in a... more

Camping in Grundarfjordur

There are three camp ite in and around Grundarfjordur Grundarfjörður... more

Camping in Hellissandur

Helli andur Camping Ground The camp ite i located on the left when arriving... more

Camping in Stykkisholmur

The camp ite i ituated on the right when you drive into the town, clo e to... more

Camping in Akranes

There are two camp ite in and around Akrane Akrane Camping Ground Thi... more

Camping in Borgarnes

The camp ite in Borgarne i located next to highway number 1 on the way north... more

Hiking in Bifrost

Hiking in Bifro t There are intere ting hiking trail all over the area, along... more

Camping in Husafell

The camping ite in the fore t in Hú afell ha been very popular for many... more

Camping in Budardalur

The camp ite i in a grove, on the left ide when you're arriving from the... more

Camping Laugar

The camp ite i next to Hotel Edda, about 16 kilometer north of Budardalur... more

Camping in Skorradalur

The camp ite i next to Skorradal vatn lake, great pot for nature... more

Camping in Arnes

The camp ite i clo e to Kalfa river, on a flat area Vi itor center Thjor arver... more

Hiking in Hallmundarhraun

Hiking in Hallmundarhraun Vidgelmir i among the longe t and large t lava... more

Camping in Westman Islands

The camp ite i located in the valley Herjólf dalur The area i urrounded by... more

Camping in Vopnafjordur

The camp ite i located above the town, with view over the town Opening... more

Camping in Thorsmork

Camping in Thor mork Volcano Hut Hu adalur Thor mork Tel:... more

Hiking in Thorsmork

Hiking in Thor mork Mt Valahnukur (458 m) protrude ju t we t of the... more

Hiking in Thingvellir

Hiking in Thingvellir The main ancient approache of the Parliamentary Plain... more

Camping in Staðarskáli

Contact Information: Hrutafjordur 500 Stadur Email:... more

Camping in Skogar

The camp ite i by Skógarfo waterfall, one of the mo t popular touri t... more

Camping in Skagastrond

The camp ite i quiet and heltered by mall cliff called Holberg Opening... more

Camping in Siglufjordur

The camp ite i in the center of town, next to the pier Ba ic ervice i within... more

Camping in Seydisfjordur

The camp ite i in the center of town, urrounded with tree and divided into... more

Camping in Saudarkrokur

The camp ite i next to the wimming pool, within walking di tance of grocery... more

Camping in Reykjavik

The only camp ite in Reykjavik i located in Laugardalur, about 3 kilometer... more

Camping in Grimsnes

Camping Ground Borg The camp ite i family friendly, plit into four mall... more

Camping in Reydarfjordur

The camp ite i next to a mall pond at the entrance of the town Opening... more

Camping in Raufarhofn

The camp ite i located by the wimming pool Opening Hour : 1 t of June -... more

Camping in Olafsfjordur

The camp ite i located next to the port center and a mall bond with mall... more

Camping in Neskaupstadur

The camp ite i family friendly and ha a great view over the fjord next to... more

Camping in Myvatn

The camp ite i located clo e to Myvatn Lake Opening Hour : 1 t of May - 20th... more

Camping in Mosfellsbaer

There are two camp ite in Mo fell baer Mo fell baer Camping The camp ite i... more

Hiking in Capital Region

Hiking in Capital Region There are plenty of hiking trail around Reykjavik,... more

Camping in Kopasker

Kopa ker Camping Ground The camp ite i located by the entrance to the... more

Camping in Kirkjubæjarklaustur

The camp ite i about 2,5 kilometer from Kirkjubaejarklau tur town The... more


About Grindavik Grindavík i one of the mo t important fi hing town of... more


About Hafnafjordur Thi town i al o known a The Town in the Lava Field or... more


About Hafnir Hafnir i a fi hing hamlet, which wa united with two other... more


About Hallorm tadur The Hallorm tadur fore t i the large t in the country... more


About Hella Thi town tarted developing before the middle of the 20th... more

Camping in Hofn

The camp ite i on the left ide off the ring road, within hort walking... more

Hofn – Hornafjordur

About Hofn in Hornafjordur Thi community in the Southea t i al o called... more