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Reykjavik Whale Watching Tour

Up clo e and per onal with the whale Whale watching tour are operated from... more

Blue Whiting

About Blue Whiting The blue whiting' (Lat:Microme i tiu pouta ou) habitat... more

Blue Mussel

About Blue Mu el The blue mu el (Lat: Mytilu eduli ) i common all around... more

Blue Ling

About Blue Ling The blue ling (Lat:Molva byrkelange) i mo tly 80-130... more

Basking Shark

About Ba king Shark The ba king hark (Lat: Cetorhinu maximu ) i the econd... more

Angler Fish

About Angler Fi h The habitat of the angler fi h (Lat: Lophiu pi catoriu )... more

Fish Species around Iceland


Whales around Iceland

About Whale around Iceland Whale are mentioned in the olde t documented... more

Seals around Iceland

About Seal around Iceland Altogether even pecie of pinnipedia have been... more

Rabbits in Iceland

About Rabbit in Iceland Rabbit imported a pet have become a part of the... more

Arctic Fox in Iceland

About The Arctic Fox in Iceland The arctic fox (Alopex Lagopu ) i believed to... more

Polar Bears in Iceland

About Polar Bear in Iceland The polar bear (Ur u maritimu , formerly... more

Mink in Iceland

About Mink in Iceland In 1931, the mink (Mu tela Vi on) wa imported for fur... more

Reindeer in Iceland

About Reindeer in Iceland The reindeer (Rangifer Tarandu ) i a relatively new... more

Rodents in Iceland

About Rodent in Iceland Only four pecie of rodent occur in Iceland, the... more

Wild Mammals in Iceland

About Wild Mammal in Iceland Iceland cannot boa t of many pecie of wild... more

Birds of the Interior

About Bird of the Interior Mo t of the interior plateau i devoid of... more

Birds of the South

About Bird of the South The exten ive alluvial or outwa h plain ( ander) of... more

Birds of the East

About Bird of the Ea t There i a large bird cliff on the penin ula Langane... more

Birds of the North

About Bird of the North In the northern lowland , between the village of... more

Birds of the Westfjords

About Bird of the We tfjord The mountainou and indented northwe t penin ula... more

Birds of the West

About Bird of the We t About 50 km from Reykjavik and only a hort di tance... more

Birds of the Southwest

About Bird of the Southwe t In the capital and it vicinity, there are... more

Birds of Iceland

About Bird of Iceland About 330 pecie of bird have been recorded in... more