About Iceland

Iceland is a place of contrasts.

Over 1,5 million tourists visit Iceland every year to experience the exceptional nature and culture of this remarkable island.

Created by volcanism of the Middle Atlantic Ridge, Iceland is the largest island on the ridge due to tectonic movement (the meeting point of the plates forming Earth´s surface crust).

Approximately 103.000 square km. in size, located in middle of The North Atlantic Ocean, Iceland is a beautiful – and yet harsh home for the around 330.000 inhabitants.

You will experience contrasts in nature, both in terms of geological phenomena and weather conditions.

Visiting Iceland also offers vibrant urban life in the capital of Reykjavik, where 2/3 of the population live.

With our Travel Guide and our Around Iceland guide, wishes to provide you with a little bit about almost everything you might want to know about Iceland.

Enjoy Your Visit to Iceland!




Articles in About Iceland

Melrakkaey Island

About Melrakkaey I land hi mall i land i ituated at the mouth of the... more

Tourist Information Center Myvatn

Touri t Information Center Myvatn Hraunvegi 8 660 Mývatn Tel: 464... more

Tourist Information Center Akureyri

Touri t Information Center Akureyri Strandgotu 12 600 Akureyri Tel:... more

Tourist Information Center – Hvolsvollur

Touri t Information Hvol vollur The Saga Centre Hlidarvegur 4 860... more

Tourist Information Centre – Thjorsarstofa

Thjor ar tofa - Community Centre Arne Arne 801 Selfo Tel:... more

Tourist Information Center Varmahlid

Touri t Information Varmahlid 560 Varmahlid Tel:... more

Tourist Information Center Geysisstofa

Gey i tofa Open all year Geo Centre At Gey ir in Haukadalur 801... more

Tourist Information – Hveragerdi Town

Touri t Information Hveragerdi Sunnumörk 2-4 810 Hveragerdi Tel:... more

Map of The Highlands

Kjolur Route Sprengu andur Route Kaldidalur Route Gae avatna... more

Map of Southwest Iceland

Reykjavik Area Reykjane... more

Map of West Iceland

Borgarfjordur Area Snaefell ne... more

Maps of North Iceland

&nb p; Nortwe t Hvam tangi to Blonduo Area Skagafjordur Area Akureyri... more

Maps of East Iceland

Vopnafjordur & Borgarfjordur Area Central Ea tern Area Southea t... more

Maps of South Iceland

Gullfo & Gey ir Area South Iceland Lowland South... more

Icelandic Literature

About Icelandic Literature The Icelandic Literature wa created by the... more

Hofsjokull East Glacier

About Hof jokull Ea t Glacier Hof jokull Ea t (1069m) i located ea t of... more

Eruption in Eyjafjallajokull 2010

About the Famou Eruption in 2010 On March 20th 2010 ( pring equinox),... more

Highland Information Centers

Travel information center - Entering the Highland Interior from... more

Highland Routes

About Icelandic Highland Route During ummer you can drive acro the... more

Vatnajokull National Park

About Vatnajokull National Park Vatnajokull National Park i Europe' large... more

Weather in Iceland

Be Prepared ! Iceland enjoy a much milder climate than it name and... more

Tax Free – VAT refund in Iceland

Tax Free  All non-Iceland re ident are tax free eligible The minimum... more

Flights to Iceland

Airline operating all year around: WOW air from Europe & USA SAS from... more

Iceland – Historical Milestones

874 < Some Iri h familie and hermit had moved here and ettled, long... more

Reykjavik Whale Watching Tour

Up clo e and per onal with the whale Whale watching tour are operated from... more

Largest Lakes in Iceland

10 Large t lake in Iceland (km2) 1 Thori vatn (re evoir) 83-88 2... more

Longest River Catchment Areas in Iceland

10 Longe t river catchment area (km2) 1 Jokul a a Fjollum 7,750 2... more

Longest Rivers in Iceland

10 Longe t river in km 1 Tjor a 230 2 Jokul a a... more

Largest Islands Around Iceland

10 Large t I land (km2) 1 Heimaey 14,7 2 Hrí ey 11,5 3... more

Largest Glaciers in Iceland

10 Large t Glacier (km2) 1 Vatnajökull 8300 2... more

Highest Mountains in Iceland

10 Highe t Mountain in Iceland 1 Hvannadal hnjukur 2110 2... more

Icelandic Cattle

About Icelandic Cattle The Icelandic cattle they originated from cattle... more

The Icelandic Sheep

About The Icelandic Sheep Hi tory and Background The modern Icelandic Sheep i... more

The Icelandic Horse

About The Icelandic Hor e Breeding The Icelandic hor e live to a ripe old... more

The Icelandic Sheep Dog

About the Icelandic Sheepdog The Icelandic Sheepdog i Iceland' only native... more

Domestic Animals in Iceland

About Dome tic Animal in Iceland Documented ource confirm that the ettler... more

Tourist Information – Kirkjubaejarklaustur

Touri t Information/Skaftar tofa Open April to mid September Klau turvegur... more

Tourist Information – Vik

Touri t Information Open during ummer Brydebud, 870 Vík Tel:... more

Tourist Information – Westmann Islands

Touri t Information Radhu trod Open: 1505 - 1509 Summer: Mon-Fri... more

Blue Whiting

About Blue Whiting The blue whiting' (Lat:Microme i tiu pouta ou) habitat... more

Blue Mussel

About Blue Mu el The blue mu el (Lat: Mytilu eduli ) i common all around... more

Blue Ling

About Blue Ling The blue ling (Lat:Molva byrkelange) i mo tly 80-130... more

Basking Shark

About Ba king Shark The ba king hark (Lat: Cetorhinu maximu ) i the econd... more

Angler Fish

About Angler Fi h The habitat of the angler fi h (Lat: Lophiu pi catoriu )... more

Fish Species around Iceland


Whales around Iceland

About Whale around Iceland Whale are mentioned in the olde t documented... more

Seals around Iceland

About Seal around Iceland Altogether even pecie of pinnipedia have been... more

Rabbits in Iceland

About Rabbit in Iceland Rabbit imported a pet have become a part of the... more

Arctic Fox in Iceland

About The Arctic Fox in Iceland The arctic fox (Alopex Lagopu ) i believed to... more

Polar Bears in Iceland

About Polar Bear in Iceland The polar bear (Ur u maritimu , formerly... more

Mink in Iceland

About Mink in Iceland In 1931, the mink (Mu tela Vi on) wa imported for fur... more

Reindeer in Iceland

About Reindeer in Iceland The reindeer (Rangifer Tarandu ) i a relatively new... more

Rodents in Iceland

About Rodent in Iceland Only four pecie of rodent occur in Iceland, the... more

Wild Mammals in Iceland

About Wild Mammal in Iceland Iceland cannot boa t of many pecie of wild... more

Gigjokull Glacier

About Gigjokull A one of Eyjafjallajokull Glacier´ Outlet , Gigjokull wa... more

Iceland – The Ice Ages

About the Ice Age in Iceland The Ice Age are period in the earth' hi tory... more

Birds of the Interior

About Bird of the Interior Mo t of the interior plateau i devoid of... more

Birds of the South

About Bird of the South The exten ive alluvial or outwa h plain ( ander) of... more

Birds of the East

About Bird of the Ea t There i a large bird cliff on the penin ula Langane... more

Birds of the North

About Bird of the North In the northern lowland , between the village of... more

Birds of the Westfjords

About Bird of the We tfjord The mountainou and indented northwe t penin ula... more

Birds of the West

About Bird of the We t About 50 km from Reykjavik and only a hort di tance... more

Birds of the Southwest

About Bird of the Southwe t In the capital and it vicinity, there are... more

Birds of Iceland

About Bird of Iceland About 330 pecie of bird have been recorded in... more

Krokslon Reservoir

About Krok lon Re ervoir River Tungnaa wa gradually eroding a cha m through... more

Skorradalsvatn Lake

About Skorradal vatn Lake Lake Skorradal vatn ha an area of 14,7 km² It i... more

Graenalon Lagoon

About Graenalon Lagoon Glacial Lagoon Graenalon i a con tantly changin body... more

Sultartangi Reservoir

About Sultartangi Re ervoir River Thjor a and Tungnaa were dammed ju t ea t... more

Kvislaveita Lake

About Kvi laveita Lake The National Electricity Authority tarted work on the... more

Hop Lake

About Hop Lake Lake Hop i the country' fifth large t natural lake, ituated... more

Myvatn Lake

About Myvatn Lake Lake Myvatn ha an area of 36,5 km² It i ituated 277 m... more

Lagarfljot Lake

About Lagarfljot Lake River Lagarfljot i the econd large t one in the Ea t,... more

Thingvallavatn Lake

About Thingvallavatn Lake Lake Thingvallavatn i the large t „natural”... more

Thorisvatn Lake

About Thori vatn Lake Thi lake wa the econd large t natural lake of the... more

Kreppa River

About Kreppa River River Kreppa i a hort tributary of the 206 kilometre... more

Eyjafjardara Estuary River

About Eyjafjardara E tuary River The River Eyjafjardara E tuary, which i... more

Sog River

About Sog River Iceland’ large t pring fed river and a famou almon river... more

Lagarfljot River

About Lagarfljot River River Lagarfljot i the econd large t one in the Ea t,... more

River Tungnaa

About River Tungnaa River Tungnaa di charge a larg area of the we tern part... more

Jokulsa a Fjollum

About Jokul a a Fjollum Thi glacial river, a di charge of the icecap... more

Holsa River

About Hol a River Thi pring fed river wa called Djupa (The Deep River) in... more

Hofsa Vopnafjordur

About Hof a Vopnafjordur A large river in the Vopnafiord region, fi hed with 6... more

Vididalsa, Fitja

About Vididal a Thi i one of the top river , producing a thou and almon in... more

Laxa River

About Laxa River Thi i one of Iceland’ major almon river and in many... more

Kudafljot River

About Kudafljot River River Kudafljot i the product of confluence of everal... more

Hvita River

About Hvita River Thi i a glacial river and the main artery of the... more

Fnjoska River

About Fnjo ka River Thi i rather a large run off and pring fed river, which... more

Blanda River

About Blanda River Thi i a large, partially a glacial river A dam linking to... more

Heradsvotn River

 About Herad votn River Herad votn run through the wide Skagafjordur Valley... more


About Skjalfandafljot Thi large volume glacial river ha ome of Iceland’... more

Tindfjallajokull Glacier

About Tindfjallajokull Glacier The total area of thi mall glacier i about... more

Drangajokull Glacier

About Drangajokull Glacier Thi glacier i the northernmo t of the... more

Grimsey Island

About Grim ey I land Grim ey i the northernmo t inhabited part of Iceland It... more

Heimaey Island

About Ve tmannaeyjar The We tman I land , "The Pearl in The Ocean", i an... more

Mt Kaldbakur

About Kaldbakur Mt Kaldbakur (998 m) i the highe t mountain of the We tfjord... more

Mt Dyrfjoll

About Dyrfjoll Mt Dyrfjoll (1136 m) mark the northernmo t boundarie of the... more

Mt Maelifellshnjukur

About Maelifell hnjukur Mt Maelifell hnjukur (1138 m) i located to the outh... more


About Kerlingarfjoll Thi va t and colourful rhyolite mountain ma if (150... more

Mt Kerling

About Kerling Mt Kerling i the highe t mountain near inhabited area in the... more

Mts Kverkfjoll

About Kverkfjoll Kverkfjoll i a mountain ma if underneath and on the... more

Volcanism Iceland

About Icelandic Volani m The proce e by which molten rock material, or... more


About Gey ir A Gey er i a hot pring, which erupt intermittently in a column... more

History of Volcanic Activity

About Volcani m in Iceland The i land of the Atlantic Ocean created by the... more

The Colors of Icelandic Geology

Metamorpho i in High Temperature Area Yellow colour : Often pure ulphur... more

Geology in Highlands of Iceland

About Geology in Highland of Iceland The Mountain Ma if Dyngjufjoll in the... more

Geology in South Iceland

About Geology in South Iceland The outhern and Snaefell ne volcanic area... more

Geology in East Iceland

About Geology in Ea t Iceland Re earch borehole confirmed dyke in exce of... more

Geology in North Iceland

About Geology in North Iceland Hverfjall Thi prototype of a Tuff Ring wa... more

Geology – West Iceland

About Geology in We t Iceland Crater Grabrok, in the extremely beautiful area... more

Geology – South West Iceland

About Geology in South We t Iceland The Reykjane Zone i a o-called Rift... more

Geology of Iceland

The i land of the Atlantic Ocean created by the volcani m of the Middle... more

Northern Lights

The northern light (latin: aurora boreali ) are a pectacular natural colour... more

Icelandic Litterature

Icelandic Litterature The Icelandic Literature wa created by the inhabitant... more

Witchcraft and sorchery

Witchcraft and orchery The witch hunt in Europe tarted around the year 1480... more

Outlaws – Thieves – Ghosts – Evil Spirits- Witchcraft Burnings

Outlaw - Thieve - Gho t - Evil Spirit - Witchcraft Burning Mountain ide... more

Code of Arms

Code of Arm The Icelandic coat of arm i a hield with a ilvery cro in a... more

Proper names

The u e of family name began in Iceland in the eventeenth and eighteenth... more

Orders and Medals

Order and Medal The Order of the Falcon The Order of the Falcon wa... more

The Icelandic Police

The Icelandic Police There are no Icelandic military force , and never have... more

Icelandic Coast Guard

Icelandic Coa t Guard In 1926, eight year after Iceland regained it... more

The Icelandic language

The Icelandic language Relation hip to other language Icelandic i one of the... more

The Icelandic Flag

The Icelandic Flag 1 De cription The national flag of Iceland i a ky-blue... more

Telephone services

Telephone ervice The very modern and highly reliable telephone y tem offer... more

Business Hours

Bu ine hour Generally, hop are open between 09,00 and 18,00 and clo ed on... more

Business contacts

Bu ine contact The Mini try of Commerce, Arnarhvoll, 101 Reykjavik Tel:... more

Visas and Passports

Vi a and Pa port Reciprocal abolition of pa port requirement : Denmark,... more

IGS – Iceland Glaciological Society

<h3>About Iceland Glaciological Society</h3> The Iceland... more

Gardsa Power Plant

About Gard a Power Plant The town council of Olaf fjordur decided to harne... more

Gonguskardsa Power Plant

About Gongu kard a Power Plant River Gongu kard a i a run off river, which... more

Grimsa Power Plant

About Grim a Power Plant The National Electric Power Work (RARIK) were... more

Laxarvatn Power Plant

About Laxarvatn Power Plant In 1933 an auxiliary power tation wa built on... more

Reykjavik Energy

About Reykjavik Energy The operation of the Reykjavik Electricity Authority... more

Skeidsfoss Power Plant

About Skeid fo Power Plant River Fljotaa ha it ource in the northern... more

Smyrlabjargaa Power Plant

About Smyrlabjargaa Power Plant River Smyrlabjargaa run through County... more

Seaweed Harvesting

About Seaweed Harve ting The eaweed grow in belt between the boundarie of... more

Skalafellsjokull Glacier

About Skalafell jokull Glacier Glacier Tour were founded in 1985 The road up... more

Namaskard hverir

Nama kard hverir Thi pectacular high temperature area (410 m above ea... more

Hofsjokull Glacier

Hof jokull (Ea t) Glacier Hof jokull Ea t (1069m) i located ea t of Glacier... more

Jokulsargljufur National Park

About National Park Jokul argljufur The Northern Part of National Park... more

Eyjabakkajokull Glacier

About Eyjabakkajokull The glacier nout Eyjabakkajokull i the ea ternmo t of... more

Eiriksjokull Glacier

About Eirik jokull Glacier Eirik jokull (1,675 m) ha an area of about 22 km... more


About Lambatungnajokull Thi glacier nout flow down into the Skyndidalur... more

Langjokull Glacier

About Langjokull The Long Glacier (1355m) i the econd large t in Iceland It... more


About Myrdal jokull The Myrdal jokull (1480m) i the fourth large t glacier... more

Bruarjokull Glacier

About Bruarjokull Thi glacier tongue i the large t of the many uch of the... more

Torfajokull glacier

About Torfajokull glacier The glacier Torfajokull peak at 1,190 m above ea... more


About Tungnafell jokull Glacier Mt Tungnafell (1,392 m) i a convex and teep... more

Oraefajokull Glacier

About Oraefajokull Oraefajokull i the highe t mountain of the country, 2,110... more

Vatnajokull Glacier – Europe´s Largest Icecap

About Vatnajokull Vatnajokull (2110m) wa named after ub-glacial lake in a... more

Breidamerkurjokull Glacier

About Breidamerkurjokull Glacier Breidamerkurjokull count among the large t... more

Eyjafjallajokull Glacier

About Eyjafjallajokull Eyjafjallajokull (Directly tran lated: "The I land... more

Solheimajokull Glacier

About Solheimajokull glacier The glacier nout Solheimajokull i the... more

Skaftafell National Park

About Skaftafell National Park The Southern Part of National Park... more

Thingvellir National Park

About Thingvellir National Park The Parliamentary Plain are the mo t... more


About Deildartunguhver Thi i probably the mo t voluminou natural hot pring... more

Snaefellsjokull glacier

Snaefell jokull glacier The Snaefell glacier (1446m) ha an area of about 7... more

National Park Snæfellsjokull

About National Park Snaefell jokull The Snaefell jokull National Park wa... more