Reykjavik Excursions Route 18: Reykjavik – Alftavatn

Region: Highland
Coordinates: 63.8547397° N 19.2651273° W

Reykjavik Exucursion Route 18: Reykjavik-Hella-Alftavatn-Hvanngil-Hvolsvollur-Reykjavik

Other bus schedule connections are available, such as the Kjolur Interior, the Sprengisandur highland and Around Iceland route.
Stop over wherever you wish for as long as you want.

The tour starts from Reykjavik en route to Hella then to the parsonage Keldur and continues through very barren lava areas, desolated mainly by the volcanoes Hekla and Katla during the centuries. En route are two tourist huts on the Lake Alftavatn and Hut Hvanngil and returning back via crossroads Emstrur to Hvolsvollur.



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