Region: Westfjords & Strandir
Coordinates: 66.1536551° N 23.2814884° W
Weather: °C, Wind at km/h, % Humidity
Population: 415

About Bolungarvík

Bolungarvik, a town on the outer shores of the large bay Isafjardardjup, is one of the country’s oldest fishing ports (dating back to the time of settlement). There are rich fishing grounds just a short distance off Bolungarvik and, consequently, the town’s activities centre around the fishing industry. The tourist trade increases gradually and a midnight drive on a fine summer night to the top of Mt Bolafjall or to cove Skalavik, where one can enjoy nature’s beauty and observe the midnight sun, is very popular. Scheduled sea cruises are on offer where whale/bird watching and tours to distant, deserted bays, are the main attractions.

The distance from Reykjavik is 473 km by the Whale Bay tunnel.

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