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Icelandic Literature

About Icelandic Literature The Icelandic Literature wa created by the... more

Icelandic Litterature

Icelandic Litterature The Icelandic Literature wa created by the inhabitant... more

Witchcraft and sorchery

Witchcraft and orchery The witch hunt in Europe tarted around the year 1480... more

Outlaws – Thieves – Ghosts – Evil Spirits- Witchcraft Burnings

Outlaw - Thieve - Gho t - Evil Spirit - Witchcraft Burning Mountain ide... more

Gardsa Power Plant

About Gard a Power Plant The town council of Olaf fjordur decided to harne... more

Gonguskardsa Power Plant

About Gongu kard a Power Plant River Gongu kard a i a run off river, which... more

Grimsa Power Plant

About Grim a Power Plant The National Electric Power Work (RARIK) were... more

Laxarvatn Power Plant

About Laxarvatn Power Plant In 1933 an auxiliary power tation wa built on... more

Reykjavik Energy

About Reykjavik Energy The operation of the Reykjavik Electricity Authority... more

Skeidsfoss Power Plant

About Skeid fo Power Plant River Fljotaa ha it ource in the northern... more

Smyrlabjargaa Power Plant

About Smyrlabjargaa Power Plant River Smyrlabjargaa run through County... more